Magnus’s Cocoa (Hot Chocolate) Recipe

After a hard day walking, there’s nothing like a nice big mug of steaming hot cocoa drink.

Not satisfied with the easy-mix commercial hot chocolate varieties, Magnus has come up with his own hot chocolate recipe, using real cocoa.

Real cocoa powder retains some of the natural cocoa oils. Because they inhibit mixing with water, they are removed from off the shelf hot chocolate powders.  Knowing those oils carry much of cocoa’s flavour and add a nice smooth texture to the drink, Magnus set about creating his own hot chocolate mix.

And here it is, free for all.  While it is obviously more effort, the result is a rich, smooth and authentic flavoured drink.


Per 330ml mug final drink mix

  • 45g full-milk powder
  • 7g real cocoa powder
  • 6.6g sugar

E.g. for 12 portions mix up

  • 540g full-milk powder
  • 84g real cocoa powder
  • 80g sugar

extras:  vanilla essence, whisky

To prepare a delicious hot cocoa drink:

Put about 110ml (59g or about 6 or 7 teaspoons) of the premix into a mug.

Pour in a little bit of cold water and mix with the handle end of a teaspoon until you have a nice smooth homogeneous thin paste.

Add hot water (not too full!) and stir thoroughly.   Finally, top the cup up with half a teaspoon of vanilla essence and a generous volume  of whisky or similar suitable spirit (optional, but recommended).

Creamy rich and delicious hot chocolate


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