We are The Moa Hunters…

You have found the home of the Moa Hunters – a group of simple blokes with a simple goal:  Find a moa.

Every year, we fearlessly venture somewhere near the back of beyond in search of elusive moa. Our preferred hunting grounds to date have all been alpine areas in the South Island of New Zealand.  We figure that a smart moa choosing somewhere to hide would go somewhere with a spectacular view.

So far, we haven’t found one. Until we find a moa, we keep walking…

This site is a spot for us to record our memories of each Moa Hunting expedition.

Our Moa Hunts:

2005Mt Tapuaenuku
2006The Three Passes
2007Cascade Saddle – Rees/Dart
2008Lake Nerine
2009Gillespie Pass – Rabbit Pass
2010The Toaroha – Whitcombe Circuit
2011Waimakariri – Barker hut
2012The Wangapeka
2013The Whitcombe – Toaroha Circuit
2014Travers Sabine
2015Rakiura Stewart Island NorthWest Circuit
2016Whitcombe Pass
2017Two Thumb Track on the Te Araroa
2018The Dusky Track, Fiordland
2019Lake Christabel
2019Hawdon / Edwards Circuit
2020Lewis Pass to St Arnaud
2021Harman Pass
2022Rakiura Stewart Island Southern Circuit
2023Diamond Lakes Circuit

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2022 – Rakiura Southern Circuit – as far South as it gets…

Rakiura Stewart Island is the home of New Zealand’s southernmost Department of Conservation hut. Nestled just below latitude 47° south, the Doughboy hut is as close as it gets to the south pole when walking DOC tracks. We were all excited to visit Doughboy, not only because it is a looong way south, but also due to it’s stunning looking location and intriguing name…

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