The Moa Men

In no particular order, the Moa Men are:

Chris Freear
Paul Stevens
Richard Bowers
Magnus Koldau
Adam Thomas
Logan Freear
Lewis Melville

12 thoughts on “The Moa Men

  1. Good work team – they may well still be out there, so I hope you are the first to spot one.
    Chris – told you I would have a look at the website!

  2. Hi Guys, thought you might be interested in some photos of a large (rotten) egg that I found at a river mouth last night. I presume it’s from an Ostrich, although I am not sure if there are any Ostriches in the Otago area?

    If you can give me an e-mail address, I will send you the photos. It is approx. 150mm long x 120mm dia.

    Happy hunting!

  3. Thanks Chris for helping me off Mt Somers on Sept 4th! A week later and the ankle’s still swollen, but not broken. Cheers for carrying my back-pack for the best part of 4 hours and saving me from having to set off my locator beacon. Good luck with your course and long may that moa elude you – I’d hate to see your walking days come to a premature end! Happy walking in the hills. I will not forgot to pay forward all the assistance you gave me!


  4. Hi guys, Aline and Yannick here. We want to thank you all one more time! It was lovely to meet you guys! Keep posting your adventures, it’s great to read 🙂

  5. Hi Guys. Funny who & what one can find online when on a related search about Whitcombe Pass. Reading the trip diary of Great Grandfather exploring the Pass in 1915, at 70 y.o. I’m trying to find info on the early huts they stayed in the Upper Rakaia. Love your site, your trip reports & pics very interesting.

    1. Hi Jenny. Thanks for posting the comment – we always enjoy getting some feedback on the site, especially good feedback! We are glad you have enjoyed reading the trip reports. Your grandfathers diary must be fascinating. He was obviously a keen and strong man to be heading up the Whitcombe at 70 years old. Wow.

  6. Ā message for Paul. We met on the old ghost road & really enjoyed the company of your family. We have a couple of packs to give away. An ancient macpac & a more recent Deuter. If you had any way of picking them up from Nelson , you would be welcome to them. Flick me a email if you are interested enough to check out photos. Cheers and Merry Christmas , Patsy

  7. Hello MoaHunters,
    I expect you guys will have by now completed your Stewart Island southern circuit excursion in pursuit of Moa! We were the hunting party in residence at Freds camp hut when you arrived earlier last week. Just to say how much we enjoyed your friendship and company while overnighting all together there.
    We figured also that this might be the best way to inform you about the items of gear you left behind by mistake in the hut!!! Rest assured they are in our safe keeping and will be returned to you once we have a forwarding address?
    We can’t imagine you got lucky finding any Moa without your missing headlights as they only come out at night….don’t they Ha ha?
    Truly hoping we can all meet up again sometime!

    1. Hi Alan,
      Thanks for getting in touch – you are a legend! Those of us who stupidly left gear behind at Fred’s camp were kicking ourselves for the rest of the trip. Not very smart – and as you say, it’s hard to spot Moa in the dark without a headlight!

      It was good getting to know you, Alan and Leathen (I hope that spelling is correct) at the hut. We always enjoy chatting to folk we meet on our travels. You were very friendly and accommodating when a noisy bunch of trampers arrived on the doorstep. I hope you got that outboard motor sorted and caught yourself some blue cod before the sou’wester came through later in the week.

      I will get in touch with you directly outside of the comments on this website to organise getting our forgotten gear back.

      All the best to you and your family.
      Adam and the Moa Hunters.

  8. Kia ora Moa hunters & thanks heaps,

    A huge thanks to you guys for carrying a heap of gear out of my pack – my whanau wouldn’t have made the Freshwater Landing Water Taxi (Rakiura/Stewart Island) without your help – although stopping to watch a Kiwi just prior to the landing for 10 mins didn’t improve our timings.

    Hope you enjoyed the Doughboy Bay paua – a small koha to you all.

    Thanks again & happy Moa hunting.

    PS: We all loved the standing ovation we received when making the taxi.

    Ka kite ano,

    Steve, Esther & boys (x 4)

    1. Kia ora, Steve.

      It’s great to hear from you. We definitely enjoyed the paua your two boys gave us. They were sliced and dropped into a garlic white sauce. Absolutely fantastic – a great treat.

      To be honest we didn’t think you would all make the water taxi. That was a legendary performance from you and your family to smash out that walk from Mason Bay to Freshwater, especially after a tough walk over Adams Hill the day before.

      We were more than happy to help you out by carrying some gear. It looked to us like your pack was still well over 20kg even after you unloaded some to us!

      All the best,
      Adam and the rest of the Moa Hunters.

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