Moa Hunt Traditions

After seven years of Moa Hunting, a number of traditions have evolved… little things that happen on every expedition.  It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows any of the Moa Hunters that they almost all revolve around food and drink!

Tradition #1: Fortified Hot Chocolate

In Scotland, pouring whisky into a hot chocolate is probably a capital offence.  At the very least it would warrant a sound beating and being thrown over the border into England.

Fortunately the Moa Hunters do very little walking in Scotland, because whisky fortified hot chocolate is a firm favourite.

Tradition #1 dictates that Moa Hunters may bring anything they like on a Moa Hunt, provided they pack at least 300ml of whisky or similar fire water.

If you are feeling skeptical, we suggest you try adding a generous pour of whisky to a hot chocolate on a cold night, in a remote hut, hundreds of kilometres from civilisation.  Trust us, it is incomparable.

Yummy...  Rocket-powered hot chocolate!

Tradition #2: Desserts

Lots of walking demands lots of calories.  The Moa Hunters are simple blokes, and fortunately the maths is also simple.  Energy out demands energy in. Thus, to be certain there is absolutely no chance of a sugar deficit, Moa Hunter meals always include dessert.

Instant Pud

Particular favourites to date have been cheesecake and the always yummy instant pudding.  One particularly legendary effort involved a baked chocolate cake.

Tradition #3: The Date

We always walk in February. Always…Except when we choose January. Always always always.  Except when we have an earthquake.  If that happens, we go in April.

There are some very specific technical reasons why we choose February. Or January:

  • The weather is still mild
  • We have spent the past three months carbo-loading and are in peak condition
  • It’s school holidays, and Chris is now a teacher
  • We are creatures of habit

Tradition #4: Porridge

For many years, Chris spurned the delicious white sloppy mess that is porridge.  While he chewed through a bowl of bird seed, the rest of the boys slurped down piping hot porridge topped with vast quantities of brown sugar.

Thankfully he has seen the light and no longer pours scorn on the our traditional Scottish favourite.  It seems Chris has realised that the porridge is of course merely a convenient medium upon which brown sugar can be mounded thickly and eaten.

Porridge requires big billies.

2 thoughts on “Moa Hunt Traditions

  1. hi I am making a brochure for my business (liveMEwell is on facebook) and was wondering if it would be possible to perhaps use one of your images of you guys outside a hut as I would like a group of blokes, being healthy together and these seem perfect. Awaiting your response, many thanks Sam

    1. Hi Sam,
      Sorry for the very late response. The e-mail linked to this blog was out of date and we didn’t get a notification that you had sent through this comment.

      We are assuming you have got yourself a suitable photo by now. Good luck with the brochures!

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